SolidWorks Essentials

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting. It focuses on the basic computer commands used for creating and modifying drawings. Most introductory drafting courses require students to submit their own design using CAD software. This course is often a prerequisite for further study in digital product design programs, including three-dimensional (3D) software programs such as Solidworks.


Solidworks is a 3-D CAD program that can be used to design and create blueprints and 3-D models of objects that engineers want to build. It is used in a number of industries. Certificate and associate degree programs offer Solidworks courses, and students can find stand-alone courses as well. These courses allow students to gain experience with Solidworks software and create their own designs.

Here are some common concepts discussed in Solidworks classes:

  • Product design
  • Design software
  • Putting product parts together
  • Creating and editing drafts of drawings
  • Precision 3D modeling
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