Civil Site Engineer Essentials

Civil Engineering is one of the oldest and mother branches of engineering and also one of the most sought after career options in engineering. As we all know civil engineers are everywhere in demand. From municipal work to big construction projects. To become a successful civil engineering basics knowledge is very much important for a civil engineer. In this course you going to learn more about essentials of Site experiences, So keep on track….

ماذا ستتعلم في هذا الكورس ؟

  • الريجة
  • القواعد العادية
  • القواعد المسلحة
  • السملات
  • نجارة الحطط الحديد
  • حدادة الأشاير
  • نجارة الأعمدة
  • حدادة الأعمدة
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